Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sue is Heather's sister and she will also be attending the same church wedding. Forgot to take a photo of the before makeover look. Finishing up the final touches on her hair and fringe.
Sue has a totally different face shape and hairstyle as Heather. Coupled with her bubbly personality, she has a very sweet face and I decided to give her a kawaii Japanese girly look. I can just imagine how many jaws will drop when they find out that Sue is a mother of 2.

On her eyes, initially she requested for white and gold colour. I used a white eyeshadow base, cream gold eyeshadow over the entire lid and gold glitter powder over it. I was inspired to add a peachy pink colour to the corner of her eyes to make it feel like colours on a flower petal.

On her cheeks, I used a peachy pink blusher with a little bit of glitters to give her a nice matching blush. On her lips, I used a very sweet cherry pink with lots of gloss to give her the extra sweet look.

Sue's final complete look - Sweet Seventeen Kawaii Japanese Girl!

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