Wednesday, December 29, 2010




Eyes: Silver is used on the inner corners of her eyes and under the brow bone to echo the colour of her dress. Dark grey is used on the outer corner of the eyes to add depth. Fake lashes were also added to make her lashes more visible and add length.

Cheeks: Peach pink blush to add on some colours to her cheek but lightly brushed on to keep it light because the emphasis is on her eyes.

Lips: Christian Dior lip colour in mauve. High shine gloss only on the centre of the bottom lips to make the lips look pout.

Sharon has short crop hair, asymmetrical on both sides. Hair extension was added to add on volume as well as length. Transformed from a girl next door to a diva.

Monday, October 04, 2010




Inspired by the funky assymetrical navy blue toga dress, I decided to give her bluish grey smokey eyes with thick lashes. Liquid eyeliner was used to define her eyes and also mascara all over the lower lashes. Warm brown shimmer were used to define the socket. The eye colour is a limited edition for smokey eyes by Kose.

Nude shell pink on her cheeks give her a warm glow. Matte colour is used so that the attention will be drawn to her eyes. I used my favourite sheer lip colour in Rose Pink by Christian Dior on her lips and lots of lip gloss to give a translucent glow.

Discovered that my curling tongs were not working on the morning, so I rushed down to Courts to get a new one. Sectioned her hair into 3 parts, top middle and bottom. Twist the hair and pin into place. Curl with curling tongs in the desired direction. Since she is wearing a toga dress, I wanted the curls to be on the side to show off her bare shoulders.

Winnie looks posh and styled all ready to rock guests!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hands-on Hairstyling Workshop

Excerpt from "We Buzz Weekly" - my company HR newsletter where my name appeared:
Mirror? Checked, Hair spray? Checked. Curling tongs? Checked.

40 staff of the “Y” gender hailing from various departments and locations were treated to a hands-on hair-do workshop on Wednesday evening from 6.30pm to 9.00pm. Participants were taught how to create various hairstyles for different occasions, from sassy to classy and elegant to bold. Participants with nimble fingers did their own hair while others, partnered with a fellow colleague to help create a new look for themselves.

Amidst the tingly scent of hairspray that consumed the room, the atmosphere was fun and lively as ladies in giggles (and some in occasional groans of pain from partner’s manhandling) took turns to work on each other’s hair, sharing personal tips and ideas on the different types of hair-do.

The session ended with a mini hair-do competition where all participants had to pair-up to create a winning hair style. Following a vote, the duo comprising of Jerlynn Ang & Winnie Yen from E&T in Alex emerged as the winning team, beating 7 other participating teams. All participants went away happy though with a bottle of organic shampoo each as a take-home gift.

Check out what’s in style for Fall 2010.

The Award-Winning Hairstyle
How it is done:
1. Tie up 3 quarters of the hair into a high ponytail, leaving some at the sides and the bottom for the twist later.
2. Use hairspray all over the ponytail and backcomb thoroughly. This step must be done thoroughly so that the bun can stay upright later.
3. Lightly comb your bun and pin into place with bobby pins. Remember to choose those with rounded edges to protect your client's scalp!
4. Started the twist from the right using the hair we have left alone earlier, do the double twist all around the head and pin the ends into the bun.
5. Hair spray all over to finish. You can add flowers or any other hair accessories to decorate the bun in anyway you like. This is very Audrey Hepburn and can look very elegant for brides.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Elise before makeover

Elise is the emcee for her friend's wedding. Her accessories include gold earrings, gold necklace, gold strappy high heeled sandals and matching gold clutch bag, which is not shown here in the photo.

To give her a matching overall look, I used a gold cream base all over the lids of her eyes, white shimmer eyeshadow just below her brow bone and gold shimmer on the crease of her eyelids. Since her dress is the colour of the sea, I used the same colour on the outer corners of her eyes to give a tinge of bluish green. I find these colours really give a refreshing feeling and brightens up her face! It feels fun and matches her bubbly character!
On her cheeks, I used a very nude pink colour to give her a warm glow. On her lips, I used a copper gold lip colour with a tinge of pink gloss to complete the look.
Her hair was curled and pinned up in sections to create some volume and a feminine touch. Gold glitter hairspray added some sparkles for a bling bling effect!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sue is Heather's sister and she will also be attending the same church wedding. Forgot to take a photo of the before makeover look. Finishing up the final touches on her hair and fringe.
Sue has a totally different face shape and hairstyle as Heather. Coupled with her bubbly personality, she has a very sweet face and I decided to give her a kawaii Japanese girly look. I can just imagine how many jaws will drop when they find out that Sue is a mother of 2.

On her eyes, initially she requested for white and gold colour. I used a white eyeshadow base, cream gold eyeshadow over the entire lid and gold glitter powder over it. I was inspired to add a peachy pink colour to the corner of her eyes to make it feel like colours on a flower petal.

On her cheeks, I used a peachy pink blusher with a little bit of glitters to give her a nice matching blush. On her lips, I used a very sweet cherry pink with lots of gloss to give her the extra sweet look.

Sue's final complete look - Sweet Seventeen Kawaii Japanese Girl!


Heather before makeover.

Heather is attending a church wedding. Since she is wearing this beautifully embroidered dress, I took inspiration from the colours and decided to give her a bronze look to match her dress. I used gold eye shadow and dark metallic black with gold glitters on the crease of her eyes to make her eyes bright.

I used a warm bronze pink on her cheeks to give her a nice warm glow on her skin to make her look really radiant.

I used a matching gold lip colour and lots of lip gloss for high shine and it looks absolutely stunning on Heather.

Heather's final look: Classic Chic

Friday, May 07, 2010

For those of you who love nails, please check out Her Nails by Sylvia!
Any queries, please email Sylvia at !
The one featured above is my favourite! Lovely, isn't it?
Well, I must find time to go down and get it done!!!