Monday, October 04, 2010




Inspired by the funky assymetrical navy blue toga dress, I decided to give her bluish grey smokey eyes with thick lashes. Liquid eyeliner was used to define her eyes and also mascara all over the lower lashes. Warm brown shimmer were used to define the socket. The eye colour is a limited edition for smokey eyes by Kose.

Nude shell pink on her cheeks give her a warm glow. Matte colour is used so that the attention will be drawn to her eyes. I used my favourite sheer lip colour in Rose Pink by Christian Dior on her lips and lots of lip gloss to give a translucent glow.

Discovered that my curling tongs were not working on the morning, so I rushed down to Courts to get a new one. Sectioned her hair into 3 parts, top middle and bottom. Twist the hair and pin into place. Curl with curling tongs in the desired direction. Since she is wearing a toga dress, I wanted the curls to be on the side to show off her bare shoulders.

Winnie looks posh and styled all ready to rock guests!

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